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  1. ID:1001823511
  2. âge26 ans femme
  3. Ville:from Guangzhou, Chine
  4. Profession:Jewelry Shop Owner
  5. Enfants:sans enfants
  6. anglais(Bon)
  7. Dernier en ligne: 2023-02-13 23:41:50
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Détails personnels
Sexe femme
Enfants sans enfants
Veut des enfants Je vous le dirai plus tard
Taille 5'6" - 5'7" (166-170cm)
Silhouette Moyen
Race Asiate
Status marital célibataire
Niveau d’études Etudiant de Collège
Revenu $10,000-$30,000/ année
Fumeur Non
Buveur Rarement
Détails de la personne que vous recherchez
Je recherche un homme
recherchant une catégorie d’age 18-75
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Relation Partenaire d’activité, Amitié, Mariage, Relations, Romance, Pas régulier, Partenaire de voyage, Correspondance
I am a sexy, elegant and generous woman. I will watch movies and shop with my friends after work. I like cooking food and tasting different foods. I like to travel and enjoy the different colors of nature. My life is colorful. If you want to know more about me, please write to me
Description de la personne idéale:
I want to find a sincere and romantic gentleman who knows how to take care of himself and will tolerate and understand each other
DateTitreLargeur x TailleDuréeVue
2022-11-11#170大长腿#御姐-7151338167444999464.mp4576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-11#每当我看到花瓣脱离花蕊慢慢枯萎-7119795862854847758.mp4576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-11#温柔御姐-7136871418867830046.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#妩媚性感#御姐#眼神杀-7145036080654355720.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#妩媚性感#御姐-7142800673736871181.mp4576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-11#性感#后背杀-7129071684463742239.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#包臀裙#妩媚性感-7139836516724935950.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#包臀裙-7155789985566739746.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7131296737796295950.mp4576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7134640889758027015.mp4576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#大长腿-7136497902561529119.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#妩媚性感-7130930667809967390.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#妩媚性感-7159128836221783330.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#御姐#眼神杀-7148368779305684258.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11#御姐-7153563975706283298.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11承认吧,你也喜欢姐姐对吧!?#气质美女-7089739167285972260.mp4576 x 1024 0:13Vue
2022-11-11出门做核酸的仪式感#气质美女#大长腿-7108667832828710152.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11从D变成了C#抖音颜值@抖音小助手-7051897611573349668.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11代入感真的强,我已经准备好了#黑丝大长腿-7066737570008354062.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11单身可看#禁欲系#性感-7129445184160435493.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11干嘛要妹妹,姐姐才真香#御姐#大长腿-7127589963784326407.mp4576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-11跟我对视三秒,你会怎样?#气质美女-7124250688359517448.mp4576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11黑丝YYDS#黑丝大长腿@抖音小助手-7015154676937002281.mp4576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-11黑丝配华伦天奴YYDS#御姐#大长腿-7146518208479120647.mp4576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-11Do you like going to the gym?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-11What do you fear and hate most?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Good looking at the front or the back576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12I have a big news about me. Do you want to hear it?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Do you like my figure or my face576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Would you like to have a taste of what you are made of?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Do you miss me when you wake up every morning?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Can I apply to be your resident?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-12Do you like my pajamas576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Do you mind if I stay by your side all my life and let me accompany you?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Will you lose sleep when you see me576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-12Do you want me to live in your heart aboveboard?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Can I hide in your generous arms when it thunders?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Would you like to blow dry my hair after I take a bath?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-12Will you hold an umbrella for me when it rains?576 x 1024 0:07Vue
2022-11-12Happy cat576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Will you miss me in your spare time?576 x 1024 0:06Vue
2022-11-12I want to tell you a secret. Do you want to know what it is?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-12Can you let me into your heart?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-12Why do we communicate less and less recently?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-12If I appear beside you, will you fall in love with me?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-12Do you want to take a walk together576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Do you want me to find happiness in life with you?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-12I want to spend a long time in love with you, will you?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Would you like to walk on the beach with me in the sunset?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12I want to tell you everything about me. Do you want to hear it?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-12I want to know everything about you. Would you like to tell me?576 x 1024 0:07Vue
2022-11-12I want to buy a pair of socks. What color do you think suits me?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-12Do you run your wife's bath at home?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-12If I go to your house, will you invite me to your bathroom?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-12Which is more important, me or your life?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-12Can you reply to my message in your free time?576 x 1024 0:15Vue
2022-11-12You are like a riddle in my heart. Can I go to you?576 x 1024 0:10Vue

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