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  1. ID:1001823493
  2. âge23 ans femme
  3. Ville:from Shanghai, Chine
  4. Profession:Dresser
  5. Enfants:sans enfants
  6. Dernier en ligne: 2023-01-28 08:40:42
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I am a gentle, considerate, high IQ, optimistic, kind girl. I usually like to stay at home, but I still like traveling very much. I want to try some delicious food from different places. I am a gentle and generous person without any prudence. I know I am a sanguanzheng, but my mind is innocent and pure.
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I hope you have a good temper, a stable job, a considerate man, and a good temper. If you like me, please write to me
DateTitreLargeur x TailleDuréeVue
2022-11-18May I taste you? Would you like to?576 x 1024 0:14Vue
2022-11-18i am looking for my sincere and honest love,you are same?maybe you are best for me after reading you,you give me deepest impression,so can we talk?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Gentleman,what i should do can get your attention?you inspire my passion for you and love, between you and me,maybe we need a really precious chance to know and meet each other? would you love to crea576 x 1024 0:13Vue
2022-11-18Do you like wild Asian women? Can you share some romantic stories with me?1280 x 720 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Can you reach into my garden? I want you to explore the secrets of my garden576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Can I make your hot milk burst out? Can you show me some of your sensitive parts? You make me so hot1024 x 576 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Are you a romantic man? I have a passion for romantic people576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Would you like your partner to wear transparent lace underwear?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 I'm stronger, but I like stronger. Can you conquer me?1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18 I have just experienced a failed relationship and want to find a gentle person here. Will this person be you?1280 x 720 0:08Vue
2022-11-18What do you think in the evening? Will you choose to resonate with me in soul and body?576 x 1024 0:07Vue
2022-11-18 I am a lonely person, longing for the same lonely person. Can we accompany each other?1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Do you know my favorite time? When I'm talking to you, of course1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18 I want to go camping recently. Will you accompany me in the dark night?1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18 I have no requirements for appearance and figure. What I need is mental consistency, OK?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 I am a person who lacks a sense of security. Can you give me a sense of security?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18Do you believe in fate? I think it's fate that makes us meet576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18 Do you like slightly fat girls? If you don't mind, can we get to know more about it?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 Actually, I don't like chatting like this. Would you choose to chat with me face to face if you were familiar with me?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-18I will choose to drink some wine at night. Will you drink with me?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 I seem to have insomnia. Can you accompany me for a while?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Now I feel particularly empty physically and mentally. What can you do?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-18What positions do you know? Can you teach me?576 x 1024 0:13Vue
2022-11-18 My first man wanted to find a Western girl. Would you like an oriental girl?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18 What part of a woman do you like best?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18 Do you like swimming? I like to get to know each other better in the pool576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Do you have a lot of experience in love? May I ask you for advice?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18 I've been lonely for half my life. Can you help me end it?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-18Men don't refuse women who are close to them, do you?1024 x 576 0:10Vue
2022-11-18What do I wear in front of you? You can't control it?576 x 1024 0:29Vue
2022-11-18 Do you like me wearing a translucent skirt when we date together?576 x 1024 0:17Vue
2022-11-18Can your bed withstand the tumbling of two people? What about my sister?1024 x 576 0:11Vue
2022-11-18 Can I see if your bed is big enough?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18Would you like me to sit in your co driver? Would you like to take me with you?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Do you have any special hobbies? I think we can try576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18 Would you like me to wear a miniskirt? Are you interested?576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-18I'm lucky to meet you, but I don't know if I can be the hostess of your house?1024 x 576 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Which do you prefer, the wind on the beach or the wind on my lips? Your mushroom head?576 x 1024 0:11Vue
2022-11-18 Have you ever ridden a horse? Maybe I can teach you576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-18 I like the smell of male hormones. Can I sit on your lap and smell your breath?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18 I'm a nurse. Don't you know you'll be interested in me?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18If we were together, would you treat me very gently? I'm afraid of pain1024 x 576 0:10Vue
2022-11-18I think there are many stories in your eyes. Can I know more about you?576 x 1024 0:17Vue
2022-11-18My sister and I often watch some Japanese movies together, which is very exciting, but we also feel very empty576 x 1024 0:09Vue
2022-11-18I'm looking for a lifelong partner recently. Can we get to know each other?1024 x 576 0:11Vue
2022-11-18Are you afraid of heights? Will you accompany me on the top of the highest mountain to see the scenery of the world?576 x 1024 0:14Vue
2022-11-18I'm a doctor. Would you like me to see you for free for a lifetim e?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18Will you refuse that your couple are gay? My sister can sleep in the same bed with us1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Can we get to know each other? I want to try what sparks can two different souls collide?576 x 1024 0:10Vue
2022-11-18Do you want to have a foreign friend? I think we can talk more, can we?1024 x 576 0:09Vue
2022-11-18Do you like Asian girls? Do you like my figure or what attracts you most?1024 x 576 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 What do you like to do when you are bored? I think I only like to chat with you when I'm bored in the future576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-18 Can your body support two or three women a night?576 x 1024 0:08Vue
2022-11-18If I went to your place, would you take me there to play?1024 x 576 0:10Vue
2022-11-18Would you like me sitting on your lap just after taking a bath?576 x 1024 0:15Vue
2022-11-18 I'm a ballet dancer. I'm attracted by your charm. Can you understand it?576 x 1024 0:13Vue
2022-11-18Do you like black or white lace?576 x 1024 0:15Vue
2022-11-18I'm lonely in bed. Can you satisfy me with your body?576 x 1024 0:12Vue
2022-11-18My sister and I always do some crazy things in the bedroom. Would you like to join us?576 x 1024 0:12Vue

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