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  • Femme Russe Be happy

    Bride Olha 29 y/o from Kherson, Ukraine avec enfants. jolie femme seule
    I live whith smiling. I enjoy every moment of my life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we are born to be happy. I'm a adventurous and willing to take risk... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Olha de Kherson

    _Olha_ online
  • Femme Russe I am little bomb, to explode I need to be turned on!

    Bride Alena 30 y/o from Odessa, Ukraine avec enfants. femme seule
    I am very active girl! You never be boring with me. Because I know how burning your mood. I am not only doctor , but I am author of scientific articles! I start my day with smile a... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Alena de Odessa

  • Femme Russe Take me to your world and I will make you happy!

    Bride Tanya 37 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine sans enfants. femme russe belle
    Do you know for which painting the artist mixed only three colors of paint? if yes, then you will understand my inner world. And let many people say that artists do not stand with... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Tanya de Kiev

    _Iguazu_ offline
  • Femme Russe i want to be with my man.

    Bride Olga 20 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine sans enfants. fille russe belle
    Do not go to my age. i am much better than my age. i am ready to make a sweet and happy family. sweet and nice and good looking lady want a sweet man in my life. who is just make m... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Olga de Kiev

    Diamond_Beauty offline
  • Femme Russe I am pretty

    Bride Anna 29 y/o from Kherson, Ukraine sans enfants. jolie femme
    I am pretty smart and tasteful girl. Soft and caring. I always know what a man needs. I love outdoor activities, travel. I love animals very much, sometimes I do charity work. In m... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Anna de Kherson

    Annet3021 offline
  • Femme Russe I want to shy only for you!

    Bride Evgeniia 21 y/o from Cherkasy, Ukraine sans enfants. femme jolie
    You can always describe yourself from bright side, but what else to say if you not have bad sides. Do not believe, ask my mom. I am sweet and bright lady, where i am sweet i will t... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Evgeniia de Cherkasy

    Your_GoldenGirl offline
  • Femme Russe Wait for it!

    Bride Oksana 48 y/o from Kiev, Ukraine avec enfants. fille russe
    Let's start) I'm in search for life partner or second half of future husband, name it any way you like because I know - you're in search for the same Smile So we can understand each o... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Oksana de Kiev

    Oxy_One offline
  • Femme Russe It is never late for love!

    Bride Ilona 38 y/o from Horlovka, Ukraine avec enfants. femme jolie
    It seems to me that personal communication and own conclusions will characterize person in the best way! So, I don’t want to burden you with long stories about how kind, funny and ... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Ilona de Horlovka

    Ilona_Charming_Lady offline
  • Femme Russe What is happiness?

    Bride Karina 32 y/o from Uzhgorod, Ukraine sans enfants. jolie femme
    This is health, well-being, confidence in the future, but is there any sense in this without love? I try to find him, but it doesn't work out .. I believe that love gives a man win... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Karina de Uzhgorod

    _DEPTH_OF_EYES offline
  • Femme Russe I can offer happiness and inspiration

    Bride Valentyna 31 y/o from Prague, République Tchèque avec enfants. fille jolie
    A gentle and sensitive lady with sweet name Valentyna. A happy owner of diploma in Sofware engineering. Fond of providing interesting solutions for testing different applications. ... Plus au sujet de /plus de/ plus à Valentyna de Prague

    cvalia offline
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